Consulting Projects specializes in testing security and building up small groups to handle their own security assessments.  We have experience working on projects in these areas:

  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Penetration testing
  • Social engineering
  • Security awareness
  • Technology transfer
    • Small group knowledge building
    • Coaching and mentoring

In vulnerability assessment, we have experience with Nessus, Retina, GFI Languard for general assessments.  With Web applications, our experience includes Accunetix, NetSparker and Sub Vega.  These are blackbox or dynamic testing tools.  As such, they can be very dangerous. Their testing is performed by sending benign attacks.  They can directly impact up-time and integrity. Testing is best performed on backup systems.

Security Assessments

Social Engineering

Let our creativity and knowledge of human weaknesses be set to test your organization’s weaknesses.

  • Spearphishing/Spam susceptibility.  We can tailor a test to see how likely your emplyees, associates and partners are to respond to targeted email attacks.
  • USB media.  Will your personnel plug in a USB device that was found in on-site or at a nearby gathering spot.  We can assess it, document it and recommend remediation.
  • Will people Friend or Connect to unknown parties?  We can hunt for them on social media and see how friendly they are.
  • Test willingness to follow links to malicious sites. We can establish a custom site and identify which of your personnel will follow stray links and connect to potentially dangerous web sites.

Once testing is complete, we will document the detailed results, provide a briefing to key personnel and help you with remediation.  The fixes are typically a targeted security awareness seminar series targeted to your identified needs.


Many projects have been performed outside the US.  In particular, much work has been performed in Asia and the Middle-east Gulf region. Obtaining a business visa is typically necessary.  Contact us to see if the needed travel documents are already in-hand.