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At this site, you’ll also find a great deal of information about the consulting work and courses written by SecurityTutoring.com. Regarding courses, there is information about security certifications, preparation courses, quiz systems and other hands-on courses.

We perform security consulting in these areas:

  • Social engineering
  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Team building, technology transfer and coaching

Training services and course development include:

  • Security+
  • Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Custom course development

The Quizzes Work!

See what customers are saying …

You wouldn’t believe how many different tests I took. I kept going back to yours, over and over and over …,  But.., it was my favorite and definitely the most helpful. The scenarios were point on.
– State of TX, S.S. 

I took the CompTIA Security+ test today and I passed!! It is a tough test but I had great preparation material – your website: SecurityTutoring.com. It was not my first time and the difference this time was your questions. You have a great database of questions, acronyms, and exhibits that taught me a lot! I actually learned much of what I know from your explanations, so thank you for being so thorough!
– County Government, R.M.

I just wanted to let you know that I passed my CompTIA Security+ certification exam with an 833 out of 900. Your extensive bank of test questions and scenario based exercises proved to be vital elements to my success. The variety of questions and thorough explanations fueled my thirst to gain additional insights, inspiring me to further research topics where I required deeper understanding. I believed this helped me lock in crucial knowledge, and was instrumental in propelling me to a passing score.
– A.D. DoD Service Member

Successfully passed the CEH 312-50 exam. Your practice exams were a big help. Finished the exam in about 80 mins. – S.E. DoD Service Member, CEH Exam

The quiz was what put me over, I am sure that without taking your quiz numerous times, I do mean numerous, there is no way I would have passed. The more I took the quiz, the more I understood and retained the information, which was vital for passing this test. – A.C., Federal Employee, CEH Exam 

Using the Quiz System

We have created a quiz system that is in use in many places. Our quiz system is designed to be flexible and to meet the needs of someone who is preparing and assessing at the same time. The quiz system is designed to minimize the number of clicks you have to make. It will push you through the exam at a predetermined pace.
The quiz system is available for these topics:

  • Security+
  • CEH

CISSP Quiz Changes

The CISSP quiz was overhauled in the last year to now total over 2300 test items. The 2020 update to the CISSP did not introduce new bodies of knowledge and had small changes to the percentage of content distribution.

  • There are 1300+ regular questions
  • The Definition and Acronyms are over 900
  • Over 50 lists were added. Items to Sort, Prioritize or Link. You have to know these

Security+ SY0-601 Changes

The newest Security+ test is highly focused upon acronyms. Know them or fail. It is that simple. There will be 5-8 exhibits, displayed inline with the question, not popups. Probably a matching terms and definitions grid will come up. Prepare for many multiple answer multiple choice items.

Expect 82+ items, with probably 2-3 simulations, likely just 3. The simulations really do not seem to be too bad. Mix and match descriptions and terms. Expect a few genuine ‘simulations’, like configuring a firewall or WAP.

Read more about SY0-601 Exam Data and the overall description.

ECC CEHv12 Changes

CEHv12 added a few new things. Here are the changes:

  • Not a change, but the test still has a variable pass range. It may be as low as 60% or up to 85%, depending on the difficulty of the exam chosen randomly
  • There is a bit more on IoT and Cloud.  Know tool names and containerization in thee Cloud.
  • Big Nmap switch parameters focus
  • ATT&CK, Cyber Kill Chain, TTP tested
  • Acronyms are NOT a big focus or issue
  • Expect to have to know some very arcane applications
  • Expect a lot of definitional knowledge about IoT and the cloud
  • There are 1600 slide pages
  • Increase lab count 240

There will be 1600 pages in the slides and 240+ labs. Many of the labs are only in electronic format. The books are available in electronic web format that allows copying and searching. No marking, though.

For the test, there is just one 312-50. It is do-able, but requires a lot of practice. Read the Notes section under the slides.

Courses and Training

Courses related to this consultancy include:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Preparing for Security+
  • Securing Web Applications, Services and Servers