Certification Prep

Certification Preparation

If you are an information security professional, having certifications is important. In some environments, specific certifications are required.

If you are under the DOD 8140/8570.1M mandate, this is probably your best chance.  If you have years of experience in policy, management and technology, you may not need additional preparation.  You could just buy a book and prepare.  But, be forewarned: CompTIA exams are very difficult.

The CEH and CompTIA Security+ exam are very tricky.  They largely revolve around the published outlines, but it frequently go well beyond that.  In addition, CompTIA has a way of torturing definitions to the point that they are unrecognizable on the exam.  Often, this works to confuse those with the most experience.  There is correct, and then there’s CompTIA correct.

To ensure that students are adequately prepared, quizzes should be used. This site provides access to these certification preparation quiz systems:

  • SY0-601 Security+
  • CISSP from ISC2
  • CEH from ECC